Preserve the value of your log home with the finishing touch: elegant crafted copper from Nortek Copperworks that adds beauty while preserving your investment in your home. We offer a range of Copper post caps to protect your posts against rot; jack wraps to protect the base of your posts; railing wraps to complete and protect your railings; and copper kickplates to add finish and protection to your doors.

Nortek's round, square or rectangular copper deck post caps prevent rot to your post tops by protecting the wood against the elements. This protection is the most cost-effective protection you can give your home.

To preserve your round deck posts, use one of our three different styles: the Sedona, the Tiara, and the Cobre. For square and rectangular deck posts, we offer the Denali Square and Denali Rectangular post cap. Protect your handrails with our railing wrap and hide the unsightly screw-jacks at the bottom of your posts with our jack-wrap.

See our commercially tested and certified Log Post Screw Jacks/ Settling jacks for log homes & decks, The Nortek Leveler #4430 & #6680

To help you adjust your log home as it settles during the first few years, use our proven Nortek Levelers. Designed specifically for adjusting, especially in tight spots, these levelers will keep your new home structurally sound for generations to come.
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Nortek's railing wrap protects your log posts from weather damage, available at Nortek Copperworks, see our website and call with your rail measurements for a quote.
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