Customer Service Contact Information

Whom do I contact for customer care?
Please call us from 9 a.m to 5 p.m., Central Standard time, Our Business; Nortek's number: 1-715-324-5748 with any questions or concerns regarding your order or any of our products. Thank you for your interest.

Nortek CopperWorks
P.O. Box 118
Pembine, WI 54156

Ph: 1-715-324-5748
Fax: 1-715-324-5754
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Shipping / Shipping questions

What shipping method do you use to ship my order and do you ship internationally?
Shipping - Most of the time we ship using UPS, please note that we occasionally will use the US Postal Service when the service or rates are advantageous. If expedited shipping is needed, please contact us directly so we can discuss the various options available.

If you have a specific shipping preference, please call us and we will acquire the information for costs and process your order off-line.

UPS Shipping & Handling costs -
Are figured by the dollar amount of your order,click here for our S & H Chart

All of our products are shipped fully insured - We strive to keep our shipping costs low. To find the shipping costs prior to submitting your order, simply input your 'ship to' state (works for the contiguous United States), and your shipping costs will be automatically calculated and displayed. There is an exception with our settling jacks, " The Nortek Levelers" with their heavy weight, have an extra charge per item ordered.

International Customers – Sorry, no online shipping options for international customers. But please call us and we will take your order by telephone and provide you with the best shipping option available for your particular order, processing it off-line.

Note: Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada as well as some other countries, may sometimes ship by U.S. Mail as it is less expensive with less hassle.

No sales tax except for shipments to Wisconsin

Shipping confirmation with UPS tracking numbers:
If you provide a valid e-mail address with your order, we will send you a confirmation e-mail once your order is shipped, including your UPS tracking number and the scheduled date of delivery. Please call 1-715-324-5748 if you have any questions regarding our shipping policies.

Shipment damage:
Merchandise must be inspected upon receipt and any damages or shortages must be reported to us immediately. Remember, shipping damage is often the responsibility of the shipping company (UPS, US Mail, common carrier) so please notify us with any damages and we can report it promptly. There is often a time limit for reporting any problems to the shipping company so be sure to let us know immediately and we will get it reported. We will need the UPS tracking numbers for any damage to packages received. UPS will require you keep all of the packaging and product so it can be inspected, should they need to do an investigation on the shipment.

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Payment Order Options

What Payment options do you offer for my order?
Payment Methods Available Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express online and PayPal by telephone order.

If you would like to make payment using PayPal please call in your order directly to us; 1-715-324-5748 and we will be happy to take and process your order for you.

Problems with Your Order – Call or Email 1-715-324-5748 -

Change or Cancel an Order – Call or Email 1-715-324-5748 -
For both online and telephone orders, if you cancel your order, there will be a chargeback of 10% of your order's total.
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How do I make sure I order the right size Post Cap?
Measure all of your posts before ordering for the best cap fit – Nortek’s Round copper post caps are all made on the one quarter inch increments. It is up to you to round up or down should your log diameter’s measurement fall in between sizes on the ¼”. When rounding down a small amount of material needs to be removed from the top edge of your log post for a snug fit, either by sanding or grinding with an angle head grinder and a rough grit of sand paper (60 grit). If you elect to round up, your caps may fit a bit loose which can be adjusted with our sizing tape, which is available in our accessories section. Applying a little clear caulk is also a nice finishing touch for those gaps between the log and post cap.

Please note :
• Be sure to measure all your posts.
• Custom sizes of all our products and custom work available on quote basis.
• All deck post caps made on 1/4" increments to achieve the best fit possible.
  • To place a custom order call Toll-free 1-715-324-5748
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Do you offer any discounts on large quantity orders?
We do offer promotional discounts for orders over $500.00 = 5% Discount
over $1000.00 = 10% Discount
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How long does it take to receive my order?
Your copper post cap order is handmade one at a time for each and every order we take, so during our busier time of the year, May thru October we ship approximately within 2 - 4 weeks. Depending on your ship to address, you need to add a few days to a week onto that for your order to actually be delivered.

Sometimes we can ship sooner depending on the order and time of the year. Custom orders are within the same time frame, but could take up to 6 weeks to ship on bigger orders.

If you provide a valid e-mail address with your order, we will send you a confirmation e-mail once your order is shipped, including your UPS tracking number and the scheduled date of delivery. Please call 1-715-324- 5748 if you have any questions regarding our shipping policies.
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What is your return policy?

Return Policy – Prior authorization from Nortek CopperWorks Must be obtained before any merchandise can be returned. Goods returned without prior authorization will not be credited. Returns must be made no more than 30 days past original shipping date.

Additional info:
  • Customer is responsible for all freight costs.
  • Process – Call 1-715-324-5748 or e-mail:
  • Restocking Fee – 20%
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Do you have a printable product price sheet?
Yes - Click here for Nortek's Printable pricing sheet.
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I have irregular posts the measurement in one direction on the post (at the largest diameter) is 10.25" and the other direction the smallest diameter measures only 9.50" any suggestions for the best fit?
NEW - 2016 - we are now offering our Custom Tiara natural copper post cap see under Caps....or click the underlined

We have found to get the best possible fit , while keeping a beautiful eye pleasing look,
drop the cap size down from the largest diameter one quarter of an inch and order that size cap.

When ready to install you will need to remove a 1/8" thickness of wood from each side of that widest diameter.

Using an angle head grinder with a rough grit of sandpaper makes the job go easily.
Make a scribe mark on your post either 1" or 2" down from the top, depending on which
style of post cap you are installing. The Sedona cap has a 1" drop from the top the
Tiara has a 2" drop from the top. Now the cap will fit snuger.

The gap on the smaller diameter sides can be filled in with some backer rod, chink or exterior caulk.

Also see our SIZING TAPE in our accessories section. for snugging up the fit.

If you have any question feel free to call us; 1-715-234-5748
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How do I measure for correct Jack Wrap fit?
Measuring for Jack-Wrap®

You need a minimum of 2 inches of overlap of the Jack-Wrap® on the log post for proper installation. Measure circumference as shown above. Itemize each logs complete circumference to the nearest ½". (Example 28½, 32, etc.)

Helpful Hints:
When ordering Jack-Wrap, be sure to measure every log to make sure you get the proper fit for each log post. The height of the Copper needs to overlap the log post by 2". Every Jack-Wrap is a custom hand made product to ensure a tailored fit on your log home.

The decorative solid Copper jack cover may have minor scratches, which is typical of this material. Over time, the Copper will take on a rich patina and any imperfections will disappear.

To follow our detailed instructions, click here to download our installation pdf document. Instructions Jack- Wrap
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Copper Questions

What thichness or gage is the copper and does the copper patina?
The copper used for our deck post caps is heavy gage .032" thickness or 24 ounces / SQ FT or nearest gage (B & S) 20 solid natural copper, It comes to you in the natural and unfinished state. The patina process begins as soon as you open the packaging, the more you touch the caps, the faster they will achieve a rich patina, just like a new penny in your pocket turns dark quite quickly from the oils in your hands, to a bronze like finish.

Please Note: The copper will go through an "ugly duckling" stage, but then before you know it a rich beautiful patina has arrived.

Simply put "Patience attains the goal".

If you like the Shiny luster of the new copper and want to keep the copper shiny, you can protect your caps from the elements and the patina process with (Permlac)a lacquer spray sealant / protectant, found in our accessories pages.
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How do I attach the copper post cap to the post?
Product Installations

General Recommendations

The Sedona
This cap is supplied with three Copper tacks.
Fit the cap in place on the post first. Then use
a good exterior adhesive or caulk. Let this set
until caps are secure before lightly tapping the
tacks in place.

We recommend the Tiara post cap or any of our
other copper post caps be installed using a good exterior adhesive, when ready to keep in place.

The 3M product we offer 550 sealant is a superior adhesive and truly is a secure adhesive.
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How To Order

How do I place my Order after I have measured for all of my items?
Secure on-line ordering: or If you don't like placing orders over the Net. Just contact us.1-715-234-5748 To place your order you can either use our secure shopping cart system here at our web site, with this system you can confidently order on-line as your credit card information will be transferred in an encrypted form. If you prefer to order off-line, need a custom item or would like to ship a special way, please call us: 1-715-324-5748

If you are sending in your order and payment by mail we ask that you contact us first to confirm the total.

Check payments can be sent to:

Nortek CopperWorks
P.O. BOX 118
Pembine, WI 54119
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