Anti-theft hardware / Tamper-Resistant Screws

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Dimensions: 14 x 1" Pan Spanner screws, Stainless, Copper plated

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Anti theft hardware / tamper resistant screws for post caps,

These are a 14 x 1" Pan Spanner, Stainless Steel Tamper-Resistant, Copper Plated Screw.

You will also need a #14 Spanner bit for your power screw driver for installing the screws.

The screws are 1" inch long, when provided with the Sedona caps - a three hole pattern will be punched, to accomodate the screws.

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NOTE: Recommended Drilling with the Tiara post caps and the hammered copper post caps, you will need to Center Punch- Locate 3 Holes, Drill 1/8" pilot hole and finish with a 1/4" finish hole to accommodate the Tamper Proof Screws. It is up to you just where on the cap and how many holes you want for your particular installation. Three screws per cap is a good number.
3M™ Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant 550 Fast Cure White
Anti theft / Tamper-Resistant #14 Spanner bits
3M Sizing tape