Denali Hand Hammered square or rectangle post Cap


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Available Style:
Hand Hammered Antique Copper

Dimensions: Made all sizes to fit your post

Not available for online purchase due to the need for custom sizes. Available by custom quote, call us with your measurements: 1-715-324-5748

As with all of Nortek's copper caps , the Denali Hand Hammered post cap is handmade to insure no sharp corners or edges. This copper cap has a 1½” drop to accommodate posts with 45° chamfers. Be sure to measure all your log posts for a good fit.

When ordering these custom post caps be sure to measure twice as all sales are final.

We recommend using a good exterior adhesive such as our 3M 550FC Sealant available in our accessories section, when your caps have been fitted and you are ready to install them.

There is a 6 week lead time and payment is due at time of order.

Be sure to measure twice, as all sales are final on custom sizes
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Hand Hammered Flat Top Cap with a 2" drop
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