Hand-Hammered Angled Cap


Available Style:
Hand Hammered Antique Copper

Not available for online purchase due to the need for custom sizes.

Call with your measurements for a Custom Quote: 1-715-324-5748

Our Angled Hand hammered post cap will enhance your deck or dock instantly. A beautiful hammered texture copper cap with antique finish. Handmade by artisans using a natural process that's been handed down through the generations.
When ordering these custom post caps be sure to measure twice as all sales are final.

There is a 6 week lead time and payment is due at time of order.
Hand-Hammered Domed Top Cap with 2" drop
$28.44 - $311.94
Hand-Hammered Round Domed Top Cap with 1" drop
$26.60 - $308.60
Denali Hand Hammered square or rectangle post Cap
Hand-Hammered Round Flat Top Cap with a 1" drop
$24.60 - $303.60