Hand Hammered Flat Top Cap with a 2" drop


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Hand Hammered Antique Copper
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Due to the handmade- hammered custom sizes, be sure to measure twice before placing your order, as there are no returns, all sales are final.

Available on the one quarter inch increments. This Hammered Flat Top cap style can also can be purchased in a Domed Top and either can be purchased in a 1" drop from the top as well.

Our Hand-Hammered Flat top post cap will enhance your deck instantly. A beautiful hammered texture copper flat top cap with antique finish. Handmade by artisans using a natural process that's been handed down through the generations. This Flat top Cap is available in most all diameters on the 1/4" increments and can be ordered with a 1" or 2" drop on your deck post (depth of cap). When ordering these custom post caps be sure to measure twice as all sales are final.

We recommend using a good exterior adhesive such as our 3M 550FC Sealant available in our accessories section, when your caps have been fitted and you are ready to install them. Also see our special tamper-resistant hardware in the accessories.

Available on the one quarter inch increments, copper cone piling caps / harbor caps or pier caps for your log posts are also available in our hand-hammered antique copper product line.

These caps are made in Mexico and there is a 6- week lead time to ship.
If you enter your email address when ordering, we will notify you when shipping, via UPS ground.


Cobre--Copper in Spanish--has been made by the Purepecha Indians of Central Mexico since pre-Columbian times. When the Europeans arrived in the 16th century, they found the Purepecha making domestic implements and weapons from copper found in local, above-ground mines. Father Vasco de Quiroga introduced a few refinements; however, little has changed in how the copper is worked and finished. Because the copper mines have long been closed, today the smiths gather and melt discarded copper for use in their workshops.

During the bonfire method, coppersmiths take the reclaimed copper and patiently heat and hammer it until the metal is "raised" -- meaning the bowl or vase walls are formed. The smith then takes a special hammer to finish the piece. Depending upon the amount of salt in the air and how often the copper piece is handled, the metal will oxidize and the finish becomes matte, as the color darkens to deep browns and reds.

Anti-theft hardware / Tamper-Resistant Screws
Anti theft / Tamper-Resistant #14 Spanner bits
3M Sizing tape
3M™ Polyurethane Adhesive Sealant 550 Fast Cure White